The advantages of aluminium over PVC

por Nortalu | 05/12/2014

Aluminium has many advantages over PVC, gaining a larger market share, especially in recent years, with new enterprises of apartments and contemporary houses. Today it is rare for this type of modern buildings to have PVC windows and there is good reason for that. The greatest advantage of aluminium over PVC is simple, aesthetics. In modern architectural style PVC profiles are too large, as opposed to aluminium that offers the ever more sought after "slim" lines. We can argue that the PVC window no longer has the advantage, aluminium provides not only greater resistance but also the desired design. It is also more resistant to the weather and, therefore, not susceptible to warp or deteriorate. This is a material with high resistance-price ratio, that is easily moulded into various shapes and configurations, being the most common window frame material in the market.

  • Its hard surface resists shocks and the ruthlessness of the weather;

  • Aesthetically pleasing;

  • Ease of maintenance;

  • Increases safety levels;

  • Reaches the highest standard of resistance to air and water infiltration and structural integrity;

  • Able to meet many architectural specifications that windows in PVC cannot;

  • Available in virtually any colour.

Traditional aluminium window frames are also best suited for commercial buildings, schools, restaurants and government buildings. The introduction of polyamide technology, in recent years, elevated aluminium doors and windows to a new level - offering improvements in thermal insulation, increase of strength and the opportunity for bicolour finishes - different colours in internal and external faces.

The major differences between these products can be observed when they are placed side by side. Aluminium windows are "worked", there are adequate angled cuts, joints, there is an overall vision of a product manufactured correctly. By looking at the welded corners of a PVC product, the difference in manufacturing quality is immediately visible.

The only advantage PVC has in regards to aluminium is cost. For its very nature, aluminium is a more expensive material, however, its "premium" look and characteristics surely make up for the difference.


por Nortalu | 16/09/2012

The NORTALU team visited the VETECO fair that took place in Madrid.
With big names of the industry and representatives from emerging countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Chile, attending this fair is quickly becoming a necessity in order to follow an increasingly global market.
NORTALU thus absorbs knowledge and new technologies in order to better serve its clients.

Commitment to Timely Payment

por Nortalu | 16/09/2012

Nortalu, together with several renowned companies, has joined the "Timely Payment" movement.

"According to recent data from AIP, that supports the study regarding "Risk Index" published by Intrum Justitia, 75 percent of Portuguese companies mentions having problems with payment delays. A principle that would seem basic in the life of companies, ends up becoming a serious threat to their survival. This culture of permissiveness and irresponsibility in Portuguese economy, which seems to be rooted as a cultural factor, needs to be fought, under penalty of many small and medium companies succumbing should this not happen."

In order to fight this threat, Nortalu undertakes to pay its suppliers in a timely manner, as it has been doing since its inception.

Join us in this movement via the link:

New Energy Simulator

por Nortalu | 16/09/2012

    In the link below we present the new window energy performance simulator for individuals. With the purposes of making the consumer aware of the energy performance it has or may have in his home, now the consumer can have a more realistic notion regarding what he can save in terms of energy by changing the type of aluminium.

SEEP Training Courses for Installers and Designers

por Nortalu | 16/09/2012

With the increase of regulatory requirements in terms of energy efficiency and CE Branding, it is crucial to ensure that the installation of windows at the construction site follows the most demanding Quality standards and ensuring continuous training of professionals in the Window Frame Sector. The ADENE Academy, with the support of ANFAJE, LNEC and the ITECONS organize, within the scope of SEEP Windows, SEEP Training Courses for Installers and Designers both in Lisbon and Coimbra. The Training Course for Energy Product Labelling System (SEEP) Windows is aimed at providing participants with the acquisition and updating of theoretical knowledge with a strong practical component in replacement and installation solutions of efficient windows. At the end of the course, and after approval in the assessment, participants will obtain the recognition CERTIF for “SEEP Window Installer” and will then integrate the selection of SEEP window installers made available by ADENE and CERTIF.
  The course for installers will take place according to the following calendar:
  • October 15th and 16th – Coimbra. Local: ITECONS – Universidade de Coimbra

  • October 16th and 17th – Lisboa. Local: LNEC


The Training Course for Energy Product Labelling System (SEEP) Windows is aimed at providing participants with the acquisition and updating of knowledge in the performance of construction and rehabilitation projects, specifically in the prescription of replacement and installation solutions for windows. It allows providing participants with the necessary knowledge in order to produce projects for installation of windows in accordance with the rules and legislation in effect, taking into consideration their energy performance and adequacy regarding the installation site. Also covered in the course are the most efficient options that allow reducing energy consumption and an improvement of thermal and acoustic comfort of houses by means of the installation of efficient windows.


The Course for Designers will take place according to the following calendar:

  • November 05th and 06th - Lisboa. Local: LNEC

  • November 06th and 07th - Coimbra. Local ITECONS– Universidade de Coimbra


Cost of enrolment:

  • 225€+VAT at legal rate

  • 200€+VAT at legal rate - ANFAJE Members


More information and enrolment: