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Nortalu – Comércio de Alumínios, Lda, is dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of aluminium solutions, having as its main vector the total satisfaction of its partners.

Nortalu – Comércio de Alumínios was founded in 2008 and have its headquartered in the Municipality of Paredes. The location took into account the excellent accessibility – Motorways, Porto and Vigo Airports, Leixões International Port, – allowing fast and efficient supply to all its customers.

Striving for the best service and efficiency, Nortalu adopts as success factors: quality of service and products (delivery times adjusted to the real needs of customers, storage …), development and improvement of technical solutions, personalized follow-up (previous and after the sale) and the best value proposition adjusted to the market.

Allied to a dynamic and specialized team in the most diversified areas, the use of information technologies: online catalogues, reserved access areas and budgeting programs, allows for the best solution to be placed on the market, at the best price, at the right time, for a specific customer.

The sustained organizational policy that Nortalu defends reflects an ethical and moral conduct, based on Social Responsibility towards all agents of society, people and the environment.

Aluminium Solutions

Commercial Department

Our sales team can assist you in choosing the best aluminum solution. We provide support on site and to prescribers according to the specific needs of the project and / or the client.

Budgeting Department

We elaborate your budget in a timely manner and according to the constructive needs of the project and / or the client.

Technical Department

We have specialized and qualified technicians to advise you. Detailing is carried out whenever duly requested by you. We always privilege the best solution in terms of price / quality.


We make available to all our customers a wide portfolio of aluminum solutions.   

We can identify aluminum systems for architecture, for industry, standard / diverse profiles and accessories. 

at Nortalu

We favor innovation, so we develop and create solutions tailored to the project and/or client in question, with a view to the satisfaction of the end user.

The creation of competitive advantages towards the market and the competition are essential for our success and that of our partners.



Nortalu, Comércio de Alumínios works only with renowned partners in the aluminum market, thus ensuring that the quality of the materials supplied as well as the assistance to installers are the most important focus, since the conception of the work to its completion.


As the world is constantly evolving, Nortalu stands out for following the new aluminum frame technologies, thus allowing our customers to execute innovative projects.


Nortalu knows that in the current market, speed is a decisive factor in the development of a project. We have the best budgeting and logistics software to serve the customer quickly and efficiently. Our team is ready to assist you in any matter and at any time.

Completed Projects 2019


Aluminium Systems

Happy team


Our mission is to ensure fast and quality customer service.

We provide aluminium solutions suitable for all aluminium framing needs, from the smallest house in a rural environment to the large skyscraper in an urban environment.

This way of thinking is supported by a team committed to serving the customer.

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